Public Involvement

Years of Public Involvement to Develop Concepts

Glenwood’s residents, businesses and surrounding communities have been thinking and talking for more than a decade about improving Franklin Boulevard. Thoughtful and outreaching conversations, research, committees, and public meetings bring us to today, where Springfield is guiding a revised Franklin Boulevard “footprint” through approvals required for accountability and house kristi

Community members donated many hours of time over the years serving on the Glenwood Citizen Advisory Committee, the Glenwood Redevelopment Advisory Committee, and LTD’s Glenwood Advisory Group. Others offered testimony at City Council decision points.

This work has infused community values into the evaluation of concepts:

  • Cost
  • Natural environment
  • Economic development
  • Usable by people on foot, bicycle, car and mobility device
  • Transportation performance (freight, intersections, traffic patterns)

Please visit the Project Library to see reports detailing this community work.

Public Outreach for Design and Construction

open house registration

In 2015, over 150 people attended an Open House to view the design.

The project team will keep people informed as the effort moves forward, particularly those directly affected. The following values will guide the public outreach:

  • Meaningful: information must be accurate, timely and easily accessible.
  • Inclusive: it is incumbent on the project to reach out to those who don’t use computers or have barriers to meeting attendance
  • Transparent: decisions are public and materials are available on the website and in hard copy upon request.
  • Realistic: clear about the project constraints, objectives, and parameters

Key Elements of the Plan

  • Consistent reliable information and city contact person
  • Mailings to property/business owners
  • In-person meetings with corridor property/business owners
  • Small issue-focused meetings, like bicycle/pedestrian, freight haulers
  • Open House held on corridor to share design
  • Outreach targeted to low-income, disabled and elderly people
  • E-Updates to Interested Parties List
  • Timely response to all submitted comments & questions
  • Project posters at high visibility locations
  • Speaking engagements at civic organizations
  • New Franklin Boulevard website with comment function
  • Media (print, radio, TV)

For a list of recent public involvement activities, visit Public Outreach Summary

For additional information, please contact:
Kristi Krueger, Principal Engineer,, 541-726-4584.