6-13-17 Working Hard to Troubleshoot

Working Hard to Trouble-Shoot      

Thank you for reporting concerns and for sharing suggestions for improvements.  We recognize that life in or near a construction zone can be difficult and the City is truly committed to doing what we can to help. We are working hard to fix the problems we can. Our priorities are safety first and then convenience.

We have restricted the left turn onto Franklin Boulevard from S. Brooklyn Avenue to make the intersection as safe as possible during construction.We are looking at ways that we can manage the flow of traffic on Franklin to create gaps between groups of cars to allow vehicles to enter Franklin from the side streets more easily. We are unfortunately limited in our options, but we are committed to trouble shooting these concerns and issues. To travel into Eugene from S. Brooklyn Avenue, turn right onto Franklin Boulevard, cross the bridge over the Willamette River and turn left onto Mill Street then left onto Main Street.

We also understand that crossing Franklin Boulevard, as a pedestrian is a concern for folks.  We have added more pedestrian crossing signs and we will be adding additional crosswalk striping.  We are continuing to research ways to improve the pedestrian crossings. In response to concerns we have:

  • Had a tractor trailer moved that obstructed views on the detour and installed No Parking signs at this location
  • Posted Dead End signs on multiple side streets
  • Added Slow signs and striping on Henderson Avenue and E.19th Avenue
  • Created a buffered pedestrian walk on Franklin Boulevard
  • Installed Pedestrian Xing signs and we will add crosswalk striping on Franklin Boulevard
  • Improved instructions for flaggers on S. Franklin/McVay Highway
  • Added more directional signs to businesses

As Glenwood residents, business, and property owners communicate concerns, we work really hard to try to improve the situation as much as possible.  We truly care and are trying to do what we can to ease the disruptions during construction.  Thank you again for your patience and support.

How can I get up-to-date information on traffic impacts of this project?

  • Sign up for traffic update emails at Keep Us Moving Info
  • Read the Register Guard weekly road report (Sundays)
  • For bus route information: visit LTD.org or call 541-687-5555
  • Oregon Department of Transportation’s TripCheck
How can I get up-to-date information on this project?
  • Visit the project website at newfranklinblvd.org
  • If you received this email directly, you will continue to receive e-updates
  • If this email was forwarded to you, then Sign Up for Email Updates
  • Call Project Manager, Kristi Krueger at 541-726-4584