9-14-17 We Are Making Progress

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We Are Making Progress      
Click on this drone image to see recent progress

Construction is exciting and often complicated. It is exciting to see the new concrete framework for bioswales and rain gardens where plants and soil will clean out the pollutants that get washed off the road before the stormwater reaches the streams and rivers. It is exciting to see the beginnings of new sidewalks with a separation of pedestrians and bicyclists for improved travel safety. And now all the property needed has successfully been acquired to complete Phase 1 construction. This is vital progress that helps move the vision for Glenwood forward.

Bioswale and rain garden
Sidewalk construction

By early fall we aim to be far enough along to reopen a section for travel, beginning with northbound McVay Highway turning eastbound on Franklin towards Springfield. This should decrease the number of vehicles that need to use the detour.

Sealing the joints ensures the longevity of the new road
Communication Helps Us All

Thank you for your understanding and patience, for sharing valuable suggestions, and for the appreciation we have received from neighbors who know that we are doing our best to get the job done safely and as quickly as possible with the least disruption. In response, we recently:

  • Installed a temporary Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) to make crossing Franklin Boulevard safer for pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Placed gravel to fill ruts on Brooklyn Street and the U-Haul driveway
  • Installed an asphalt path for pedestrians, and installed asphalt at the Brooklyn approach
  • Moved a no-left-turn sign and an overhead-line sign to help traffic flow better
  • Springfield Police continue to help to slow detour traffic
Temporary Rapid Flash Beacon helps pedestrians cross the road
Work crews are building curbs and pouring travel lanes, working on the roundabout, and installing the utilities for new lighting.
Building a rolled curb for emergency vehicles and trucks
The center island is taking shape

We will continue to keep you informed, and thank you again for your support through construction.
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