Project Overview and Background

Franklin Boulevard is a vital and central link between downtown Springfield and downtown Eugene and also serves as a gateway to both communities along with the University of Oregon and the Glenwood area. Franklin Boulevard is one of only four regional east-west roads that connect Eugene and Springfield across Interstate 5. It has close access to I-5 via Glenwood, 30th Avenue, and Franklin interchanges.

The purpose of the Redevelopment Project is to transform Franklin Boulevard from an outdated state highway into a modern urban multi-way boulevard that safely serves the needs of pedestrians, bikes, buses, and motor vehicles. The project will also have a catalytic effect on land redevelopment in the Glenwood Riverfront District that includes properties along the boulevard.

Springfield engaged the community to re-envision the land uses along Franklin Boulevard as mixed-use neighborhoods with transit-oriented development. The results of the community engagement made it possible for Springfield to adopt an updated Glenwood Refinement Plan last year that outlines the future vision for the Glenwood area.

To make this Redevelopment Project possible, the City had to accomplish the following key milestones:

2021: Phase two: Detailed design of the Mississippi Ave. roundabout moving forward. The City of Springfield was awarded construction funding from the US Department of Transportation’s (USDOT’s) RAISE grant program.

2020: The Cities of Eugene and Springfield jointly submitted an application for funding for the Franklin Boulevard Opportunity Zone Corridor during the 2020 grant cycle. Unfortunately, it was not selected for funding. The project will be resubmitted for the 2021 funding cycle. Additional information and the 2020 application materials are available on the City of Eugene’s website.

2019: First Phase Completed. The first phase of Franklin Boulevard construction was completed ahead four months ahead of schedule.

2016: Performed an environmental analysis-Categorical Exclusion

2015: The city applied for and did not receive a Tiger VII Grant to complete the second phase of corridor design and construction, from Mississippi Ave to Glenwood Blvd. Phase 1 detailed design and necessary property acquisition is moving forward, and the City is developing new funding strategies. Unfortunately, we were not selected to receive funding.

2014: The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Springfield City Council approved the project footprint. Detailed design for Phase 1 began.

On February 24, 2014 the Springfield City Council was provided an update on the project and agreed to move forward to meet with the Federal Highway Administration and begin public outreach.

2013: Franklin Boulevard was annexed into the City of Springfield. Properties adjacent to city limits (i.e. Franklin Boulevard) may request annexation into the City. The City and consultant staff worked on the required environmental analysis and preliminary design.

2012: The City adopted the Glenwood Refinement Plan. The purpose of the Plan is to provide background information and policy direction for public and private decisions affecting the growth and development of the Glenwood area.

2009: The City applied for a Tiger Grant in hopes of receiving funds for the environmental analysis, design, and construction of the Project. While the City did not receive this grant award, it did help advance the Project idea and leveraged other funding sources.

2008: The Franklin Boulevard Study considered and evaluated improvements to Franklin Boulevard. The improvements included arterial and multi-way boulevard options. The study area extended from I-5 to the west, Springfield bridges to the east, Willamette River to the north and Nugget Way to the south. The City Council endorsed a hybrid multi-way boulevard concept.

2004: The Glenwood Urban Renewal Plan helped provide basic infrastructure for the Glenwood area including the underdeveloped riverfront area as well as for vacant and underutilized industrial sites.

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The City of Springfield received State and Federal funding to complete the required environmental analysis and preliminary design as a first step toward reconstructing Franklin Boulevard into a multi-way boulevard.

Roundabout graphic as of 4-17-17